Architectural Foundation of Nebraska

150@150: Nebraska’s Landmark Buildings at the State’s Sesquicentennial by historian Jeff Barnes is a celebration of the built world of Nebraska in its 150th anniversary of statehood. This colorful, richly photographed collection includes the earliest buildings constructed by newcomers to the territory, its most recognizable landmarks, and the newest and most dynamic structures designed by the architectural firms of today. Available for purchase, the book is presented by the Architectural Foundation of Nebraska and the American Institute of Architects, Nebraska Chapter.  Read More >

Architectural Foundation of Nebraska

Architects are making significant contributions to society in a time of environmental concerns, changing demographics, natural resource limitations, and new technologies. The Architectural Foundation of Nebraska is dedicated to promoting these contributions, increasing architectural excellence, and enhancing the public perception of architecture in Nebraska. Your support of the Foundation enables our profession to do more effectively these tasks not easily accomplished individually.

A special message from the Board of Directors

Young people entering the design professions are in short supply, partially due to a lack of awareness of the satisfaction derived from participating in the development of the built environment. The Architectural Foundation of Nebraska seeks to demonstrate, educate, encourage and support the interest of students, their families and the public at large in the appreciation of architectural excellence.

What is the Architectural Foundation of Nebraska?

The Architectural Foundation of Nebraska is a 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation in the State of Nebraska organized in 1981 exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The Foundation’s mission is to inform the people of Nebraska of the importance of their environment and the value of architecture, and to raise awareness of the long-term impact of architecture as a signature of culture.

What does the Architectural Foundation of Nebraska do?

The Architectural Foundation of Nebraska provides and supports:

  • Community based programs for the general public including exhibitions, tours, lectures, publications, media productions and recognitions of excellence that further our mission.
  • Architectural education enrichment programs in public and private schools.
  • Scholarships for high school students who are current applicants to the University of Nebraska College of Architecture.
  • Practice based and practice oriented research.