The Benefits of Hiring an AIA Architect to Design Your Home

You may be able to find the home of your dreams shopping the listings with your realtor, paging through house plan books, or revising one of a home builders’ standard plans on one of his current inventory of lots, or you may appreciate the importance of good design, and the value of architecture, and be willing to spend just a little more time and upfront money selecting a lot and working with an AIA architect to design the home you really want, and to have it built by a qualified general contractor at the price you want to pay.

Your AIA Architect is dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence.

Your AIA Architect is a true professional by education, training, and experience, a problem solver, who understands the design and construction process, anticipates potential challenges, and takes responsibility for his/her work.

Your AIA Architect is your advocate in the design and construction process, listens to what you want, and pulls together the functional, structural, circulation, orientation, and aesthetic considerations of your home into a unified whole.

Your AIA Architect is trained in site planning, site characteristics, zoning requirements, and neighborhood context to fit your home into your chosen site, to frame and focus on optimum views, and to maximize energy efficiency.

Your AIA Architect will help you examine alternatives to create a visually appealing home with high quality design and detailing to make certain your goals, desires, and requirements are met.

Your AIA Architect maintains a rigorous continuing education schedule and is up to date on all the latest advances in technology and product development including kitchen and bath design, energy efficiency, colors, textures, lighting, and comfort features.

Your AIA Architect will work with design team members to assure the structural, mechanical and electrical integrity of your home, and to meet the codes, regulations and ordinances of approval agencies, and to meet your budget requirements.

Your AIA Architect provides thorough design and construction documents in order that qualified general contractors can bid competitively on your project so that you can obtain the lowest and best bids for the construction of your home. Base bids and alternate bids can be solicited for upscale features for the home thereby providing you flexibility to meet your budget.

Your AIA Architect looks out for your interests during the design and construction process to assure that your dreams become reality.

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