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What do you gain by hiring an architect to design your home?


exterior windows2

Home under construction, January 2014. Photo courtesy of the Trenkle family.

This past weekend, the Nebraska Builders Home and Garden show was held at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln.  AIA Lincoln had a booth at the show and talked with many people about the benefits of hiring an architect to design your home.

Many people neglect to consider this option when they make the decision to build or to buy a newly constructed home, and immediately jump to looking through a builder’s standard set of plans. What you may not know is how much you stand to gain by hiring an architect for such an important project in your  life.  This website has a page dedicated to “The benefits of hiring an AIA architect to design your home,” so these are not new ideas, but maybe just a new way to think about this issue.

So, why should you hire an architect? Continue reading