Nebraska’s State Capitol – Build Us a Tower



Nebraska State Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol, constructed in Lincoln from 1922 to 1932, is not the only State Capitol that has a tower that provides functional office space as a centerpiece rather than an empty-spaced dome. The development of high-strength steel structural shapes and the invention of the elevator in the late19th century made the high-rise office tower possible. The Nebraska State Capitol 13-story tower rises 400’ above the ground.


Capitol Dawn 1-Edit_Louisiana capitol_credit Perry Sims, Architect, SFP LA office of state buildings

Louisiana State Capitol
Photo courtesy of Perry Sims

The Louisiana State Capitol, constructed 1931-1932 in Baton Rouge has a 34-story tower that rises 450’ above the ground.


ND Capitol building

North Dakota State Capitol Building

The North Dakota State Capitol, constructed 1932-1934 in Bismarck, has a 19-story administrative tower that rises 241’ above the ground.



Florida State Capitol Building

The Florida State Capitol, constructed 1972-1977 in Tallahassee, has a 22-story tower that rises 307 feet above the main floor.

Capitol (spelled with an “o”) means the building in which a State legislature convenes: a statehouse.


Photo Credits:

Louisiana State Capitol photo by Perry Sims, Architect, SFP, Louisiana State Office Building